New cards with a due number >= 1,000,000

The "check database" function may report a message like:

```Found 5 new cards with a due number >= 1,000,000".

This is generally caused by bugs in Anki or add-ons. You can fix this with the following steps:

  • Open the Browse screen
  • Click on the Filter button, and select Card State>New to show all new cards
  • Click on the Due column, to sort by the order the cards will appear
  • Scroll to locate the cards with large due numbers, and select them all
  • Use the Cards>Reposition option, and choose a start position close to your other cards. For example, if you had cards from 100 to 10,000 and then a group of cards with 1,000,000+, a sensible start position would be 10,000.
  • Once the due numbers have been updated, use the Tools>Check Database option in the main Anki screen so that Anki notices the new highest due number.