Installing AnkiMobile on multiple devices

Once purchased, you can use AnkiMobile on multiple devices you own without having to pay again.

To do so, make sure the device is using the same Apple ID as you made the original purchase with, or is enrolled in family sharing.

  • Open the App Store on the device you want to install AnkiMobile on.
  • (on iOS 12 or below, tap on the Updates tab)
  • Tap on your profile icon in the top right
  • Tap on Purchased
  • If you have family sharing enabled, tap on the person who bought the app originally.
  • When you've located AnkiMobile, tap on the cloud icon to download it.

If you're on an older version of iOS, or the purchase is not appearing, you can attempt to purchase the app again. Provided you make the purchase with the same Apple ID as the original purchase or family sharing is correctly set up, after you attempt to purchase the app, you should receive a message saying the download is free.

Account troubles

Apple do not provide us with any access to their systems, so we do not have the ability to help you recover an old account, or confirm a previous purchase you have made. If you have any trouble with the purchase or download process, please give Apple a call: