Characters are cut off

If you find that parts of your characters are missing, the font you're using is probably not appropriate for the language you're studying. To fix this:

  • While an affected card is shown, click Edit, then Cards.
  • Click the Add Field button.
  • Select Front or Back, depending on which side you want the field to be shown on.
  • Choose a font that is intended for the language you're studying.
  • After clicking OK, you should see the field appear a second time on your card, and this time it should appear correctly. If it doesn't, add the field again and try a different font.
  • Remove any other {{field}} references on the left side, so that the field only appears once on your card.

If you're using Windows, you may need to install language support for the language you want to use in Windows first. After rebooting, any newly added fonts should become available to Anki.