Extra characters appearing on cards

Sometimes users notice that text is appearing in front of or on their cards that they don't remember putting there. Usually it is just a couple of letters or nonsense. For instance, on the front side of your card you have written book, but when you review the card it appears as fybook.

This problem is caused by accidentally placing text in the card template. You can solve it as follows:

  1. While reviewing with the computer version, locate one of the cards that has the problem, and edit it. (Alternatively, search for one in the browser.)
  2. Click the Cards button.
  3. Look in the Front Template box (or, if the text is appearing on the back of the card, the Back Template box). You should see the extra text in there somewhere. Being careful not to delete anything else, remove it.

After you close the Cards dialog, your cards should appear as normal again.

If you don't have access to the computer version, you can study such a card in AnkiMobile, then tap on Tools>More>Edit Card Template.