The legacy editor in AnkiMobile will be removed soon

AnkiMobile currently has two editing screens - the normal screen, and the legacy (old) editing screen that can be enabled in the Preferences>General section.

Most users will find the normal editing screen is fine - the legacy editor is primarily provided for the benefit of users running old iOS versions that need to use Right-To-Left text like Arabic, as iOS didn't properly support this until iOS 13.

If you don't use RTL text, please switch to the regular editor, by going to the deck list screen, tapping on the gear/cog, then General, and disabling the 'Use Legacy Editor' option.

For users who need the old editor

If you use RTL text and can't upgrade to the latest iOS, you may wish to keep using the legacy editor. Unfortunately Apple have announced that the libraries the old editor uses will no longer be usable later this year, so AnkiMobile will need to remove support for the legacy editor in a future update. To ensure you don't lose access to the legacy editor, please disable automatic app updates in your settings, as once you have updated to a new version, you won't be able to move back to an older version.