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Marco Ebner

08 Nov, 2015 08:33 PM

Hey Anki Team,

I've got a question. I am using the anki app to study for my law exam. However I'm concerned about a thing, which I haven't found a solution for yet:

When I am repeating the cards, the order in which they are displayed are coincidental, and not they way I have programmed them to be when I added them. This may be very useful for vocabulary. However it makes things a lot more complicated than they have to be when studying other things.

Is there any way to turn this off, and repeat them in the order I have originally added them?

Thanks in advance,


  1. 1 Posted by Vit on 09 Nov, 2015 09:24 PM

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    That is urgent for you - i can not wait out any longer :-)

        Method 1.
    There is an option to study in a somewhat virtual deck called 'Filter(ed) deck';
    FD has an option to study in 'Order Added' and many other useful options.
    FD is not so user friendly and i try to avoid it.
    The workaround is :
    * Create FD
    * Move all Cards from FD to a Temporary_Deck
    * Empty FD

    Now cards in Temp deck will be presented to u in Order Added;
    you can verify it in Browser by sorting on 'Due' column and looking at 'Date_Added' column.
              After you will have finished with cards in Temp deck, move them back to Home deck; warning: if you mix decks in FD, you will have difficulties to figure out which deck a card is to go to.

         Method 2.
    I did use Browser to review New cards and Learning cards.
    Very convenient; no surprises; FAST; you will get what you see.
    I did not care about scheduling during these 2-3 bouts of learning;
    my scheduler was a Timer.

    Review cards.
    If your Course length is <1 mo, you can not afford to have 'obviously wasted' reps.
    So, if you do not like Anki intervals, you can do what i did.
         I did use TAGS to schedule cards; one click 't' opens Tags field;
    you enter the date u want to see the card, like nn13 ( November 13);
    hit Enter ; now you have 3 wonderful choices:
    * Bury ( shortcut '-' ) ; the card will be un-buried tomorrow.
          This is your 1day Interval scheduler :-)
    * Mark and Bury ( shortcuts '*' '-' ) ; the Bury here is needed to get to the Next card; tomorrow the Marked card will show in Purple ; it is a sign to study the card in 2 days; there is one more step: when done studying this deck, TAG all purple cards nn11 ( Nov-11, 2d from now ) and un-mark them.
    * To get 3d interval, suspend the card; tag them 'nn12' - 3d from now.

    Lapsing. The algorithm is unfriendly, i stopped using it. Here is a workaround.
    * Do not hit 'Again'
    * Tag the card 'cram' and Suspend it ( 'Suspend' will 'show 'you the next card, so to speak .
    * In Browser, search for cards Suspended in this deck ( 'Ctrl+Suspended);
    * Append the Search string with :
         tag:cram ( do not use the is: ).
    * Cram at any interval using a Timer.

    I think it is more then enough for now.
    Did my best trying to help.

      As you can see, you can 'assign' Any interval to those Colors.
    It is fast; visual; easy.

  2. 2 Posted by Marco Ebner on 09 Nov, 2015 09:29 PM

    Marco Ebner's Avatar

    Hey Vit, thanks for the reply :).

    However (maybe to my lack of english) I don't know if you got me wrong.

    I dont have a problem when studying them the first time, it all works perfectly and the algorithm makes it really helpful.

    I have problems when i am repeating them (after 2, 5, days etc.) because then they suddenly are mixed up. So moving cards around in a filtered deck etc. wont help much, because then it only works the first time, but it does anyway? I don't know if I understood you correctly


  3. 3 Posted by Vit on 09 Nov, 2015 10:43 PM

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    Hi Marco.
    Do you have a deck for Every lesson and study only the Last lesson at a time ?
    Filtered deck. Yes you have to Rebuild it every day, but it is only One click !

  4. 4 Posted by ZapBeeb on 15 Nov, 2015 09:00 AM

    ZapBeeb's Avatar

    If i understand correctly, i feel that your need goes directly against the core functioning of SRS software.

    Say fact A is followed by fact B.
    You first learn fact A, then fact B.

    If it happens that you forget fact B but not fact A, what you would expect to happen then?

    Should the program start again asking about fact A and then ask again fact B?

    While i understand the logic behind your reasoning, the longer the chain of facts, the bigger the amount of wasted reps.
    Not unlike videogames that do not let you save or have checkpoints :D

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