What is the best way to handle a deck I didn't review for a long time?

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13 Jan, 2014 05:08 PM

I have a deck with about 1500 cards due, because I ignored it the last few months.
When reviewing now, I fail a lot of the cards.
But Anki is showing me differrent cards every day, so I dont learn the missed ones (I guess)

What is the best way to handle that? Should I reset all cards?
Should I move a part of the cards (say 100) to another deck and start reviewing with that one? Refilling it everytime I got all of them?
I think I would do that but maybe someone hast a better idea?

Thank you for your help

  1. 1 Posted by Heather on 13 Jan, 2014 10:45 PM

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    Your best bet is to create a custom study deck. Make sure you set it to no "learning" cards (they don't work well in a custom study/filtered deck)... so you will want just review cards.

    Then go into that custom study deck, and set the order to "relative overdueness".

    What this does, is look at HOW overdue the card is compared to what that card's interval is. The thinking is, if the interval of a card is 1 year (which means you should be able to remember that card for a year) and it is 1 day overdue, it probably isn't that big of a difference on your ability to remember it. But a card with an interval of 2 days that is 1 day overdue is much more likely to be forgotten.

    So by ordering it by the relative overdueness, you will see the urgent items first - the ones you need to review. Those of us that have used this method (at least those that have commented on it) have found it a lot more efficient, better at bringing us what needs to be studied. The missed ones will come up again quicker too.... (I rebuild any decks like this every day or two so that it is again ordered correctly - as the relative overdueness of a card will change....)

    Other than that - do a number of cards each day... (say 100 a day, or whatever works for you.)

    I hope that helps!

  2. 2 Posted by vokietis on 14 Jan, 2014 08:00 AM

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    In addition to what Heather said, there is an add-on “change order of reviews in regular decks”. The advantage is you do not have to build a custom study deck and ignore your regular deck (I find it somewhat disturbing to have one deck I never look at). The disadvantage is, it won’t offer you order by relative overdueness, but only by intervals. In my opinion, this is not much of a disadvantage: Cards with long intervals are those you always new well, so you’re likely to still remember them; while cards with short intervals were either relatively new to you or you often failed them.

    While I prefer to review the small intervals first (as Heather recommended, too), there are also people who prefer to do the big intervals first. This way, you get the easy cards out of your way and your amount of due cards will shrink rapidly first. When you have a great percentage of forgotten cards, however, this is probably not the best way to study.

  3. 3 Posted by Vit on 15 Jan, 2014 01:22 AM

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    I hope you do not mind my asking Heather to clarify her statement.

    Hi, Heather. Would you please educate us on
    How do you rebuild a Filtered deck when it contains Learning Cards ?
    Do you just ignore the fact that they will convert to New cards ?

    Thank you


  4. 4 Posted by Heather on 15 Jan, 2014 05:18 AM

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    I said at the start that I set the custom / filtered deck to NOT include learning cards.
    -is:learn if i remember correctly

    If we need to work on new items, we do the new and learning cards in the original deck. Once the card is learned, it will be included in the custom deck when it is rebuilt with no ill effects.

  5. 5 Posted by mnhende2 on 15 Jan, 2014 08:35 AM

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    You can have as many filtered decks as you like. So, in my case, if I
    have a filtered deck that still has learning cards in it. I personally
    NEVER empty that deck. Instead, I rename it, and then create a new
    filtered deck using the same properties of the prior deck and then
    study from that second deck. When my first deck finally empties of all
    learning cards, then I delete that filtered deck. That ways my
    learning cards are never reset to new cards. Might not be exactly what
    you are looking for, but may help accomplish the same end result.



  6. 6 Posted by Vit on 15 Jan, 2014 09:39 PM

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    Thanks Heather and mnhende2 for thorough answers.
    @ mnhende2: I was thinking about making the 2-nd deck but it seemed to me like to much trouble; now since you are using this method (I trust your opinions, by the way and enjoy your well-written posts), I will give it a shot; otherwise:
    A) i have to wait till the Intraday Step is expired ( Home deck is set up that way ) to graduate a few in-learning cards ; hate to wait. or
    B) Set the Step to 1440 so that cards are Re-Learning; will not be converted to New when you Rebuild.
    C) Try my 'discovery' ( see my bullet point-3 at bottom ).


    I assumed that everyone will end up with in-learning cards ( in Filtered deck ) since there is no way one could avoid EASY grade on Overdue cards. I assume that Step is > a few minutes and less then 1440.

    Some bullet points on the subject: 1. The Overdue option resides only in Filtered deck.
    2. While in Filtered deck, one does not have to click "Resume..." when coming back from Edit screen!!!
    3. Cards in-Learning ( generated in Filtered deck ) can be moved to Home deck ( Browser--Change_Deck ) and will NOT convert to New cards ! That is a perfect work-around for me;
    like eating a cake and having it, too.
    4. "Add" in Filtered deck opens the Home deck - !!
    5. If Step is >1440 min, there will not be Learning cards and Filtered deck could be 'safely' rebuilt.


  7. 7 Posted by Heather on 15 Jan, 2014 10:09 PM

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    I don't get any learning cards (generated in filtered deck) in my filtered decks I use for dealing with a pile of overdue cards, as I don't have any new cards in there either.

    no new cards, no learning cards - so I don't have any learning cards when I'm done either.


    deck:"Right Start Math:: Practice Sheets::Level C Practice Sheets" is:due -is:learn

    again, any work on new cards or learning cards I do on the original deck

  8. 8 Posted by mnhende2 on 15 Jan, 2014 11:04 PM

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    @Vit: Glad that some of my responses have been helpful. I myself have
    received many helpful responses from other Anki users over the years,
    glad to hear that I'm able pass the help forward.

    As for creating multiple filtered decks, I hope you find it fairly
    easy. Also, while I first wrote that I delete a deck when it is
    finished (and that is often true), I also have four filtered decks that
    all have the same filter parameters and that I never delete. At any
    given point in time usually 1, 2, or 3 of them have cards that are
    still in their learning steps. I have them all nested under my normal
    parent deck, so those cards that are left in their learning steps get
    studied right along with the parent deck. But when I want to study
    ahead a bit (which is what those four filtered decks are for) I just
    find an empty one and rebuild it. Since it is nested under the parent
    deck. I keep the deck collapsed, so I don't even see them, and only
    expand the deck when I want to rebuild a deck. When I don't, the
    relearning cards are just learned as part of the parent deck reviews.

    On a different note, I have never tried your step three. But I did (in
    the past) specifically ask Soren if that exact sequence would reset a
    learning card back to new and he said that it would, so I never tried
    it. But you might want to test it a couple more times and verify. Try
    it with new cards that are in their learning steps and try it with
    lapsed cards that are in their learning steps and let me know what



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