Anki 2.1.20 Beta

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Damien Elmes

17 Jan, 2020 04:41 AM

Hi all,

A new beta is now available:

This beta will break some add-ons that alter the way cards display at runtime.

Please see the following two posts for more info on the two main changes of this release:

If you run into issues unrelated to the above changes, please let me know here.

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  1. Support Staff 61 Posted by Damien Elmes on 11 Feb, 2020 10:32 AM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    replay-button seemed like a clearer name, but as a different SVG is being used in replaybutton I thought it best to avoid the existing selector. Thanks for the tips on the outline, I'll look into it.

  2. Support Staff 62 Posted by Damien Elmes on 12 Feb, 2020 12:42 AM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    Beta 10 is now available, and is expected to be the last beta before a stable release if no serious issues are found.

  3. 63 Posted by Aaditya on 12 Feb, 2020 02:29 AM

    Aaditya's Avatar

    The issue of not opening after closing persists in beta10. And I don't have an antivirus or any similar application on my system.

  4. 64 Posted by sraulpikeras on 12 Feb, 2020 08:23 AM

    sraulpikeras's Avatar

    Maybe a silly question... where is night mode in latest beta? I see no option in preference panel and the app is always in "light" mode.

  5. Support Staff 65 Posted by Damien Elmes on 12 Feb, 2020 08:37 AM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    Aaditya: I haven't seen any other reports of that problem at this point, so I don't know at this point if the issue you're experiencing is common or is limited to your computer.

    sraul: What is the build number in the about screen? Are you sure you downloaded beta10?

  6. 66 Posted by sraulpikeras on 12 Feb, 2020 08:49 AM

    sraulpikeras's Avatar

    Shame on me!, i downloaded beta 1 instead of beta 10....

  7. 67 Posted by kelciour on 13 Feb, 2020 12:55 PM

    kelciour's Avatar

    Thank you, Damien.

    The issue of not opening after closing persists in beta10.

    It happened to me also on Windows 10 once I enabled hardware acceleration, but it disappeared after I installed graphics driver. In my case, it was Intel HD Graphics.

  8. 68 Posted by Aaditya on 13 Feb, 2020 02:06 PM

    Aaditya's Avatar

    Thanks kelciour. I too just updated the graphics driver and haven't faced the issue so far.

  9. Support Staff 69 Posted by Damien Elmes on 13 Feb, 2020 09:45 PM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    Thanks for clearing that up kelciour!

    2.1.20 has been released as stable this morning. Compared to beta10, it contains a fix from ijgnd for an add-on hook not functioning properly in the preview screen.

  10. 70 Posted by Aaditya on 14 Feb, 2020 03:25 AM

    Aaditya's Avatar

    The issue of not opening after closing persists in beta10.

    The issue recurred, though less frequently, once with 2.1.20. Can't say much about beta 9 or 10 since I didn't use them for much time after updating the driver.

  11. 71 Posted by kelciour on 14 Feb, 2020 08:45 AM

    kelciour's Avatar

    It works fine for me. I can only suggest to try to disable all addons, turn off hardware acceleration or install 2.1.20-alternate to see if something helps. You could also try to run anki-console.exe from C:\Program Files\Anki either directly or from cmd (, in my case it got stuck after printing out [3500] LOADER: Cleaning up Python interpreter. instead of quitting after this line.

  12. 72 Posted by lovac42 on 16 Feb, 2020 01:20 AM

    lovac42's Avatar

    @dae Please update set_last_addon_update_check ONLY IF it successfully connects to ankiweb. Doesn't make sense why this value is updated when I'm offline (no wiFi, airplane, blocked firewall, etc). And the one day limit prevents addons from being auto updated, forcing multiple 24hrs delays depending on network reliablility.

    Also, addons are loaded first before the addon auto updates and disabled if the max_point_version was changed?

    So if the author changes the max version to -19, the addon would be loaded first, updates the meta.json, then disables the addon with no warning (which also requires a restart). Without a warning or restart, the user will continue to use the already patched but auto disabled addon which may contain errors that the author was trying to prevent by capping the max version in the first place.

  13. 73 Posted by sabayon11 on 16 Feb, 2020 05:59 PM

    sabayon11's Avatar

    Ups. Sorry about this post.

  14. Support Staff 74 Posted by Damien Elmes on 16 Feb, 2020 10:07 PM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    Please report the issue to the add-on author.

  15. Support Staff 75 Posted by Damien Elmes on 16 Feb, 2020 10:07 PM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    @lovac: sounds like a good change, would you like to send me a pull request?

  16. 76 Posted by lovac42 on 17 Feb, 2020 02:30 AM

    lovac42's Avatar

    @dae: I'd love to help you but I have my plate full right now. It's an easy fix. Put it on your TODO list, I'm sure you don't need me to hold your hands on this one.

  17. 77 Posted by mnating on 17 Feb, 2020 06:11 AM

    mnating's Avatar

    @Damien, are you able to clarify official Anki's stance on .night_mode versus .nightMode? Specifically, is there any chance that either one might be deprecated? The official docs still use .nightMode in its example, and .night_mode is not mentioned in the main changelog.

    FWIW, I don't think official Anki using the same class names as AnkiDroid is a big issue since the platform-specific CSS allows different results on desktop/mobile anyway. Short-term some people may want to add the .mobile selector in their styling, but ultimately I expect most people would appreciate official Anki recognizing existing night mode customizations. I assume it also wouldn't cause issues with add-ons, which presumably override whatever official Anki does anyway.

    Anki Desktop 2.1.20 Release applies styling from both selectors, which surprised me until I found this thread. It's still a little surprising, because apparently night_mode versus replaybutton are getting different logic applied:

    Posted by Damien Elmes

    Comment #18 on Jan 26, 2020 @ 09:32 AM

    Anki and AnkiMobile have been using .nightMode since late 2017. A different selector was picked at the time to avoid issues with existing .night_mode users assuming that class would only apply on AnkiDroid / Night Mode.

    Comment #33, Jan 31, 2020 @ 01:41 PM

    Kyle: If the addition of .night_mode in this beta... [mnating: this is the only reference I found noting night_mode being added to official Anki]

    Comment #61, Feb 11, 2020 @ 07:32 PM

    replay-button seemed like a clearer name, but as a different SVG is being used in replaybutton I thought it best to avoid the existing selector.

  18. 78 Posted by sabayon11 on 17 Feb, 2020 06:13 PM

    sabayon11's Avatar

    Is it a default behavior for Anki to continue to play audio when user progress to the next card? I can't remember what is default. In 2.1.20 on Linux Anki continues to play audio even a few cards after the one that contains the audio.
    This behavior is with all add-ons disabled.

    I have "Interrupt current audio when answering" option in Preferences checked.

    Edition: This is strange but this happens in a deck where I have cards with multiple audio files on one card. Probably what kind of deck it is is not important. On cards in other deck where I have cards with only one audio file in answer when I press "good" and progress to the next card Anki stops playing audio.

    Edition 2:
    Perhaps the number of audio files is also not important. I also checked if there is a difference if I have separate field for audio or not and there is no difference. I have no idea what may cause it.

  19. Support Staff 79 Posted by Damien Elmes on 17 Feb, 2020 11:55 PM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    mnating: both .nightMode and .night_mode have been in use for years, and since recognizing them both doesn't seem to cause issues, Anki will continue to support them both. I'm not sure it makes sense to handle replaybutton the same way, as the images are different

    sabayon: thanks for the report, I'll look into it

  20. 80 Posted by sabayon11 on 21 Feb, 2020 11:33 AM

    sabayon11's Avatar

    I think I found the difference: Anki stops playing audio when progressing to next card in case when in a deck option to automatically play audio is active. When it is not active and I need to press keyboard shortcut to play audio then when progressing to next card Anki continues to play audio. It is not important whether I press shortcut to play. When it plays automatically and I press shortcut to play it again and progress to the next card it also stops playing. So, only if this option is active or not makes a difference.
    Version 2.1.20 (47a1bf8b)
    Python 3.8.1 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1

    Problem persists in 2.1.21.

  21. 81 Posted by Guillem Palau-S... on 22 Feb, 2020 11:26 PM

    Guillem Palau-Salvà (contributor user)'s Avatar

    I second what is sabayon11 saying on Windows 10. The issue occued on stable 2.1.20 release and lastest beta versions, both normal audio files with [sound:name.mp3] and audio using the new built-in TTS. The replay also does not work and the audio icon does not show up at all. Going to edit and exiting the window returns the behavior as expected autoplaying the audio. So, it is the sequence sabayon11 explained that reproduces the issue.

    Maybe the issue is related to the change that mplayer is called by individual instances now? "Anki now starts a new copy of mplayer for each audio file on Windows, which avoids the need to create temporary files".

  22. Support Staff 82 Posted by Damien Elmes on 24 Feb, 2020 07:08 AM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    Sabayon's report is because the 'stop current audio' code currently only runs when attempting to play something else. It sounds like you may be reporting a different issue?

  23. 83 Posted by Guillem Palau-S... on 24 Feb, 2020 10:10 AM

    Guillem Palau-Salvà (contributor user)'s Avatar

    Yes indeed. Now that I read it again my report is closer to the opposite case.

    I just checked again and having "interrupt current audio when answering" option checked or unchecked makes no difference. I think if the user reviews and rates the card before the TTS audio finishes potentially raises the issue that if next card has audio it may not be autoplayed and cannot be played via replay. I made some short review sessions to check that and albeit anecdotal was consistent.

  24. Support Staff 84 Posted by Damien Elmes on 25 Feb, 2020 09:00 AM

    Damien Elmes's Avatar

    If you continue to have problems with beta2, please let me know on the new thread.

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